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If you’re looking for effective training for your staff with an established training provider, you’re in the right place.

A warm welcome from our specialist training provider team at TH Training Solutions!

We’re not just any training provider.

In fact, we’re a specialist training provider of both accredited and in-house courses.

Our expertise is in the health and social care sector and in health and safety for businesses. We help businesses every day with the training solutions they need.

Do you want to meet industry regulations and legal requirements?

No problem

We understand the challenges that you face as business owners and managers. Because of that, we thrive in taking away any stress or pressures of training needs. Any worries around having the right training in place for CQC and health and safety inspections will be a thing of the past.

Do you want really engaging courses as well as fully qualified staff?

No problem

Firstly, all our courses are delivered face to face. We believe that this is the most effective environment to learn the courses we deliver.

There are endless benefits to learning in an interactive way with real people. The main one is that you gain the techniques and skills, combined with the opportunity to practice them even more in a safe environment.

We only have highly experienced, fully qualified trainers. Our engaging trainers are brimming with expertise.  This means you can ask questions, test your knowledge and really get the most out of training.

Do you want a simple solution that fits in with your business?

No problem

Because we come to you.

We deliver specialist training directly to your business at your premises. Probably the most appealing thing to businesses, because it saves any hassle of travel or additional venue costs.

You’ll find us delivering training 7 days a week, across the UK.

Always working flexibility to fit in with the operational needs of businesses.

Furthermore, we work WITH businesses and their service specific requirements. Bespoke is what we do brilliantly.

Whether you need a one-off course, a few days training or a training plan for 12 months, we can help. Our aim is to lighten your workload and provide the high-quality training solutions you need.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about helping people

  • The business owners and managers who are stressed with compliance
  • The staff who want to enjoy training and feel confident in their roles
  • Your clients who deserve the best possible care and service

Why place your trust in us as a specialist training provider?

We are proud to have outstanding client feedback.

You can rest assured that managers find working with us a really positive experience.

Furthermore, we’ve got lots of reviews on how enjoyable and relevant learners found our courses.

Take a look for yourself here: Testimonials

As a result of our quality of training, we’ve built great relationships with our clients. We’re confident on how well we’ve solved their training issues and made an impact on their businesses.

In addition to this, we are regulated by Qualsafe Awards for our accredited courses. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that we are a trusted provider to work with.

Finally, as members of the Social Care Quality Alliance, our clients can trust in us. Our commitment to making a positive impact in the health and social care industry is part of who we are at TH Training Solutions.

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