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22 Jan

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Managers are faced with various common barriers to training their staff. With so many factors to consider when running a busy health and social care service, training can slip down the agenda. Whilst good Managers recognise the value of training, sometimes the obstacles can seem more pressing.

Here’s our take on the 5 things we hear the most from care service Managers. Plus, (the helpful bit!) the solutions to consider too:


Managers say that having adequate staffing levels can often be a challenge. So, then to release large groups of staff for training can prove very difficult. It’s the most common barrier to training we hear.

What’s the solution?

To have a training provider who delivers multiple sessions on the same day at the same venue. This way, select smaller groups can be released in stages. Minimum disruption to your staff cover will make training far more appealing to you. And of course, it will enable enough cover to provide great care to the people they support.


Budgets are tight in many services, with Managers finding it hard to justify the additional funds for training. Training that is simply too expensive, can prove to be out of reach. Whilst some Managers reluctantly move to e-learning, thinking it’s the only cost-effective solution, they don’t get the results they want. Many Managers don’t realise that they can buy effective face to face training, with experienced trainers for a reasonable price.

What’s the solution?

To have a training provider with fair and competitive prices. Doing your research and asking for recommendations from other service Managers you trust is key. Finding the right provider who can offer great deals for multiple bookings and not just hike prices up each year is crucial to costs. Also planning in a realistic budget for training at the start of the financial year, means no sudden unexpected costs to cover.


Travelling out for training is something many Managers see as a barrier. And rightly so. Because not only do they have the logistics and expenses to consider for each member of staff, but training away from the business can seem senseless. Particularly if the training topic relies on the environment that staff usually work in.

What’s the solution?

Quite simply, find a training provider who comes to you! Great trainers will be able to work in your setting in a suitable room. Even if you don’t have a designated (or fancy) training room. As long as it is large enough to accommodate all learners with space for practical assessments, it should be good to go. We also find that staff prefer it this way. They don’t actually enjoy travelling out to new venues and the ensuing stress of transport routes or finding parking.


For many Managers, they want training solutions that work with their service. They can see challenges with training encompassing all staff, including those who work weekends and night shifts.

What’s the solution?

First of all, feel comfortable in setting out all your expectations and requirements to a training provider. Those who are specialists in the health and social care sector will understand your needs and be happy to accommodate them. At the end of the day, you are paying for a service. For that reason, only work with those who are flexible to accommodate your operational needs.


Managers can often feel the pressure when it comes to finding a quality provider. Especially where budgets are tight. It’s only natural to want to know that you’re getting the best possible standard of training for your staff. If you are responsible for sourcing training, you certainly don’t want to be ripped off or waste the service’s money on rubbish.

What’s the solution?

Do your research. Use providers that:

  • Provide face to face training where staff can learn effectively
  • Have highly experienced trainers
  • Have trainers who have actually worked in health and social care
  • Are regulated by an Awarding Body
  • Are transparent with their prices
  • Have been recommended in some way
  • Have outstanding testimonials
  • Are willing to let you speak to their current clients if you want to

Another thing to consider is that you should only pay for what you’re happy with. Don’t be afraid to challenge a training provider who hasn’t delivered as promised.

Barriers to training can be overcome. With a little planning and forward thinking, even the most challenging of services can benefit from regular staff training.

At TH Training Solutions, we are proud to deliver all of the solutions above. Our training courses are delivered UK wide and by engaging, highly experienced experts in the health and social care sector.

We’ve launched THE CARE MASTERCLASS too, with 3 training sessions in a day for just £445.

Get in touch if you want to know how we can help your care service. And rest assured in the knowledge that we can deliver cost effective solutions, with no additional costs and lengthy contracts.