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18 Oct

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When it comes to training, there are many choices for managers and business owners. And there is often a debate around the use of face to face training versus online training. It came up at an event recently, table talk between attendees and a hot topic.

And that’s ok, because businesses have the right (and ability) to make their own informed choices.

It really all depends on what type of industry you’re in, what training you need and what outcomes you’re looking for.

But as with anything, there are peaks and pitfalls to each.


Online training

If you’re looking at gaining a knowledge and awareness of a subject, then online learning can meet that objective. Technology is so great these days that there are some fantastic software packages that for some businesses, fulfil their needs entirely. There are apps that staff can download and do in their own time at their own pace. Some businesses find these time saving and efficient.

However, there is always another side to it. There have been reports on online learning where other people have completed training on the learner’s behalf. And some see online training as just a box ticking exercise and are not engaged.

Another difficultly is, there is often no way of assessing or ‘policing’ these issues. And dependant on the industry, that can leave businesses wide open to risk.


Face to face training

If you want to develop practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, some say there is no substitute for face to face learning.

You get the human aspect. The interactive learning where you gain the knowledge and then have the opportunity to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

For some business owners and managers this is the best way for them. They feel reassured that their staff have had an all-round learning experience that will enable them to perform better in their roles.

And if you get the training provider right, the training is engaging and relevant. The learners leave feeling confident and competent, able to implement it straight away in their role. Of course, there is always the risk that you pick a poor training provider who does nothing but bore the staff, and they don’t listen or take it in.


What’s the cheaper option?

This is the urban myth bit.

There’s a perception that online training is always cheaper, and let’s face it – businesses are often up against budgets and driving costs down.

The reality is though, face to face training can be a cost effective, if not cheaper, option for businesses.

Here’s an example:

• You are a health and social care provider company.
• You need a one-day course for your team in the moving and handling of people and objects. (A full day would be recommended for those who have never done this training before or are new into the industry)
• The course is £395 for a group of up to 15 learners
• That works out at £26.33 per person

And for this you get a fully qualified trainer. Someone who is a professional and has actually worked in the industry. Someone with ACTUAL experience of moving and handling people. Someone who understands the role that your team will be carrying out. Your team get the opportunity to ask questions and use real life examples to clarify their understanding. They are assessed on their practical ability and have a chance to really get this right under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Great training providers will even ask learners to try out a hoist, to really understand how the person who is being supported really feels when you are moving them.

Could you get all that with online training?

If learners only needed refresher training in moving and handling, it would be a half day course and just £295. So just £19.67 per person.

More cost effective than you imagined? Cheaper than online training? Worth every penny to get the moving and handling of people right?

The debate is real.


So what’s best – online or face-to-face training?

It is a personal choice. That choice is up to the owner or managers of a business.

It is, after all, their business and only they can decide what works best for the industry they are in and their staff.

However, for the health and social care industry, we are big believers that face to face training is most effective for learners. In fact, all of our courses are face to face. They are also delivered to the business at their premises, saving any additional costs of travel or venue. That’s not to say we don’t recognise the value for some industries and topics to be delivered online. But for us, there is just no substitute for human interaction and the value of having fully qualified and experienced trainers in the room, inspiring people.

The debate will always be an interesting one.

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