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17 Sep

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You may have heard us talking about care home seminars recently. Perhaps you’ve wondered what they have to do with us at TH Training Solutions? As well as being a training provider, we are proud members of The Social Care Quality Alliance, or SCQA for short.

We’re a group of North West and North Wales businesses who are committed to helping health and social care providers to succeed and provide the best possible care to the people that they support.

The SCQA run free monthly seminars to help businesses do just that.

Check out our latest interview on what it’s all about. It may just be that this is something YOUR business would get great value from coming along to….


Why do you present at the seminars?

Our TH Training Solutions team present at the seminar because we’re really passionate about helping people. Our training services can help the owners and managers of health and social care businesses, the staff who support people and ultimately the people supported who use their services.

We have 17 years of experience actually working in the health and social care sector and really understand how these businesses work and what good care looks like.

We have first-hand knowledge of the complexities and the challenges faced on a daily basis in the care sector and feel that sharing our knowledge could really make a difference.


What do you intend to gain from the attendees at the seminars?

We hope to make new connections in the local area and support local businesses.

Our experiences so far have been really positive, and we have helped previous attendees to evaluate their current training and assess their future training needs.

We offer a free training health check for businesses, so any attendees who feel this is relevant to them, could take advantage of this and plan to meet up with us in the future.

Another great benefit of seminars is that face to face interaction that you just don’t get without meeting in person. Building up trust and getting to know attendees is beneficial to all. We like people to get a sense of our values at TH Training Solutions, and how we could fit in with the culture and people that make their business tick.


Why do you think attendees should attend the seminars?

In the health and social care industry, there are so many demands made on business owners and managers. With regulations and CQC inspections, it can feel quite overwhelming at times. Coming along to the seminars, is a way to find out up to date information and practical steps to put into place to improve and maintain standards within their care businesses.

It is also an opportunity to ask questions and pick the brains of the presenters, who are experts in different fields in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The opportunity to network with other care home owners and managers is also another benefit to attending. It may be that they have helpful tips to share and ways of working, or just a new contact to add to your connections in the industry. 

Working ‘on’ your health and social care business rather than always ‘in’ it, can have a great impact on how it operates. The couple of hours at the seminar is a really valuable way to do this.


Why are the seminars free?

The seminars are free because we want them to be accessible to all. Let’s face it, budgets for businesses are accounted for, and additional expenses are the last thing care businesses need to add to their bottom line!

The seminars are about information sharing and advice, not selling, so it seems only right that there should be no costs for attendees involved.

There are no risks involved for the attendees, nothing to lose by coming along, which seems to appeal.

Finally, The Social Care Quality Alliance is a group of established and successful local businesses, who are happy to cover the costs for putting on the events. In sharing our knowledge and time, we feel that great connections can be made by all and that this could directly affect the care organisations in our local areas.


How many seminars are there a year and where are they held?

The seminars are held right through the year, one every month.

The locations of the seminars will rotate, so expect to see us in each local area 3 times a year.

Attendees can choose what suits them best. They may want to come to the next available one because they need some guidance or support with a certain area of their business. They may have recently had a CQC inspection and have recommendations to work on so it’s the right time for them to come along for advice. Or they may want to attend the nearest one to them geographically every 3 months, for regular industry updates. The choice really is theirs! They will be made to feel welcome in every scenario and hopefully gain a lot from coming along.

For the next 4 months, here’s where we will be:

·        Wednesday 26th September – Wirral – Tranmere Rovers FC

·        Wednesday 17th October – Chester – Holiday Inn South

·        Wednesday 14th November – Knowsley – Holiday Inn

·        Wednesday 5th December – Haydock – Ibis Styles


To find out more about the SCQA, follow this link https://scqa.co.uk/

Connect with the group on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/company/scqa/

Or find us over on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SCQAgroup/