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02 Mar

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So, it’s been a week that started with sheer joy and a constant stream of snowman building pics. We’re not used to getting snow on the Wirral, well snow that sticks anyway. The salty sea air here in West Kirby seems to just melt it upon impact and has done so as far back as my childhood memory serves. This has been different though. The snow just feels different to touch, and little blizzards have covered our cars throughout the week with the most unusual winds blowing around us, as we try and wrap up warm and commute with caution. Businesses assure us that they’re still open and make use of their winter stock of goods, scarves, hot drinks and welcoming warm messages. For a training business like ours, the show must go on too. Fortunately the main motorways and roads around the North West and leading out to places have been well gritted so we’ve been able to deliver as promised. We’ve been in Liverpool, Wirral, and down south delivering our training courses so have seen a progression of varying impact the snow and storm has had across the UK. We have trainers down in Heathrow Airport today, delivering Emergency First Aid at Work courses and Gloucestershire tomorrow too. We couldn’t help but feel somewhat satisfied that we’ve fulfilled our training for customers in spite of the snow. However, what started as a week of childrens’ delight (school closures as well as the obvious sleigh rides) and beautiful pictures of scenery seems to have worn off. Replaced by a resounding echo of people being snowed in, iced out and fed up with the cold and inconvenience of it all. Followed by feeling freezing, even in centrally heated homes. As a local community, we always support our local charities and we’ve been thinking of homeless people here and across the UK and those living in poverty… coupled with respect and admiration for the emergency services, charitable organisations and volunteers helping others. Today, reflecting on the stories of the huge impact of this wicked weather on parts of the UK has been heart breaking. It has been reported that the freezing weather has claimed at least ten lives. One of those being a home care worker in Glasgow, who never made it to work and has left behind a devastated family and friends. What an incredible loss to the Health and Social Care community and all those people she cared for and supported in her career too. We’re kind of left wishing that it won’t snow again here. That spring will….well ‘spring’ us all literally into both health and safety soon. The ending to the week couldn’t feel more different to the start. #thebeastfromtheeast is an appropriate hashtag if ever we saw one.